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Welcome to Lurkville

A journal for all the fandom lurking that I do in lj land. I originally planned to stop lurking so much, but I let that thought go a while back. I don't post on my journal anymore, but I still do drive-by commenting occasionally. As long as this journal exists, I'll be around.

I'm really all about good fanfic, especially slash, so if same sex relationships make you uneasy feel free to exit stage left. I also read RPS, so if fictional slash stories about real people freak you out also exit stage left.

Why Did I Friend You?:
For your fic, your interesting posts/comments, or both. I tend to friend without warning because, well, I'm too freakin' shy to comment and I figure I can just sneak it in there. =P You don't have to friend me back if you don't want to.